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Inspire provides hospitals, health care systems, imaging centers and specialty practices with best-in-class on-site radiology and teleradiology services. Our radiologists are board-certified, specialty-trained and passionate about improving patient outcomes.

What makes
Inspire different?



Our skilled radiologists consistently deliver accurate and timely diagnoses, improving treatment planning and patient outcomes



We are dedicated to optimizing workflow efficiency, minimizing turnaround times, and ensuring rapid delivery of radiology reports



Our scalable solutions can accommodate increased volumes and expanded services, providing flexibility as you evolve



Through open communication, mutual respect, and shared goals, we can collectively enhance the overall healthcare experience



We maintain the highest standards of care, and uphold rigorous quality assurance and compliance measures, ensuring precise and reliable diagnoses

Medical Science Hospital Lab Meeting: Diverse Team of Neurologis

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“With Dr. Brandon Stroh at the helm of Inspire Radiology, you have a penultimate clinical professional with the heart to help other professionals navigate their careers to be their best selves, while building successful and adaptive imaging strategies. I can’t imagine a better Radiology partner and hope that you get the chance to work with Dr.  Stroh and his team at Inspire Radiology to optimize imaging services in your community.”

Lee Saltzgaber MD, MMM, MPH, FACHE
Chief Medical Officer
Bay Area Hospital

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